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Send Bulk SMS in Nepal at a time with our user friendly bulk messaging platform to your subscribers’ mobile phones with a single click.
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Send and receive SMSes all over Nepal with our SMS Gateway and easy to remember 5 digit SMS short codes.
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Seamlessly integrate SMS messaging with existing business systems, software and applications using our SMS API.
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Use our existing applications to run SMS services or we can build custom application based on your requirement.
Why Kasturi SMS ?
Platform Built For Scale, Speed, And Deliverability
Eliminate all complexities. Get up and running within minutes through our intuitive SMS API.
Reach customers at scale
Inform and engage your customers with the information they need, when they need it, with just a single API. Whether you’re sending transactional SMSes or promotion SMSes to the thousands, our SMS network ensures they get delivered on time.
Reliable Delivery And Nepal Compliance
Engineered for reliability and quality, our network brings to you improved SMS delivery and enterprise-ready Service Level Agreement (SLAs). In addition, we handle ever-changing telco logic and rules to ensure your message reaches its destination every time.
Eliminate Man-in-the-middle
Reach your users over SMS no matter where they are in the Nepal with phone numbers provided by any telecom. We take away the complexity of liaising with individual telco operators so that you can focus on building your favourite application stress-free.
Countless Use Cases Limited Only By Your Imagination
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On-demand Notification

Calling your customers is often time consuming and resource heavy. Sending timely and on-demand SMS messages directly to your customers allows your business to reach more customers faster at a lower cost.

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Two-factor Authentication

Integrate an additional layer of security into your solution. Securely deliver one-time PIN code sent over SMS to your users and add confidence to their logins.

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Bulk Alerts

Deliver thousands of sales and marketing SMS messages at the same time and within seconds. Alert your customers to new deals and promotions, or get them to access coupons via SMS messages.

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Customer Engagement

Customer engagement need not be just one-way notifications. You can turn your SMS messages into an engaging conversation by combining outbound notifications with inbound messages between your company and your customers.

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One-to-One Private Conversation

Conduct anonymous communication between users, buyers and sellers. Bridge their texts through an intermediate EnableX virtual number. This way, we protect their identities by keeping their personal phone numbers private.